An enjoyable endeavour

The client
Queenwood is an independent girls school based in Mosman.

The brief
Despite Queenwood students consistently making it to the top of the country for HSC and IB results, they were not a well known school. The school was producing a wide range of communication but their audience was still struggling to gain a real picture of Queenwood. This was attributed to that without a brand strategy the communications team was finding it challenging to produce collateral that clearly reflected Queenwood; warm, genuine relationships, a focus on the individual, a champion of “the life of the mind” and a school that possessed a broad perspective that was grounded in traditional values.

The solution
Working with the executive team, I was able to define their positioning, introduce a creative expression, craft the logo and build a versatile and engaging brand toolkit of imagery, modern legible typography, iconography, illustration and an image library that showcases the heroes of Queenwood: the people.

Once the core brand elements had been established, I began an 18 month rollout period began where each piece of communication was redesigned or realigned in Queenwood’s new brand direction with me scoping and arranging all stages. Culminating in the launch of a refreshed and useful website (designed by me, tech and build by First) at the start of 2018.

The results
Within the first month of the new website launching enrolments were up 400%. Community engagement grew via social media, student pride in publications and their audience are finally able to build a clear and relevant image of the opportunities available to students at this warm and welcoming school.


Brand asset creation
Art direction
Digital design
Social Media
Internal engagement

Design: Angela McCarthy
Photography: James Green
Illustration: Silvia Gherra
Typography of Q: Vanessa Wright
Web agency: First
Printer: Hogan Print
Paper: Mohawk SuperFine by Ball & Doggett

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