When we work together, it’s relationship-building and creative problem solving; achieved through listening and getting to know you and your organisation. With the insight and in-depth knowledge of who you are and what you’re looking to achieve, we work together to create the best strategic and creative outcomes for you.

I have a clear creative approach but there are no templated solutions when we work together. My business is a personal, tailored partnership as we expertly brand your organisation. Together.

01: The getting-to-know-you stage

This is where there is a lot of questions, listening to lead to understanding. Review of your brand and your communication touchpoints to identify potential opportunities to help solve your “problem” (ie what issue this brand project is trying to resolve) through chats, audits, interviews and maybe a short questionnaire.

– Discovery briefing
– Key stakeholder interviews
– Site visit
– Brand audit
– Competitor & peer research
– Best practice
– Understanding customer journey
– Observations and opportunities

02: The you-get-me stage

This is what matters most to you and your organisation.
The articulation of the core of your brand, the springboard and filter for all subsequent (creative and strategic) work, informed and inspired by the strategic work of the ‘Brand Core’, which will drive and guide your organisation forward.

– Purpose  Why?
– Positioning What makes you different?
– Values Your beliefs and truths
– Personality  How you express yourself
– Audience Who are you talking to?
– Creative idea

03: The let's-get-creative stage

At this stage we bring your strategy to life visually and verbally by building a robust and flexible toolkit of brand assets:

– Logo
– Colour palette
– Typography
– Imagery style
– Graphic devices
– Tone of voice

With a final delivery of a crafted and flexible toolkit of brand assets.

04: The express-yourself stage

Using your newly created brand elements we begin engaging with your audiences (internal and external) via various brand expressions. This is the stage where we tailor the right team for each project. I will led the design but may need to engage in a support network of experts ie printers, photographers, animators, web coders etc.
Deliverables can include:

– Print collateral
– Editorial design
– Art direction
– Copywriting
– Signage
– Wayfinding
– Website
– Social media
– Illustration
– Animation
– Style guides
– Recruitment
– Mentoring